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Cancellation Policy

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Last Updated: January 13, 2019

We realize that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable. However, advance notice allows us to fulfill other patients’ scheduling needs and keeps the clinic operating at is most efficient level. Due to our one-on-one, 60-minute treatments, missed appointments are significant to your therapist, the clinic and other patients.

This policy is in place out of respect for our therapists AND our clients. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen.

  1. Please provide our office with 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. Patients who do not attend a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24-hour notice to change a scheduled appointment may be responsible for a service charge of half of their appointment fee. This charge cannot be billed to insurance and must be paid on or before the next scheduled appointment.

  2. Certain accident claims adjusters expect regular attendance to massage therapy as a requirement of an approved treatment plan. If appointments are missed or cancelled on a regular basis it could affect the status of your claim. Your treatment plan has been established by your medical practitioner(s) to get you back to your regular activities as quickly as possible. Missing appointments hinders that process and may end up prolonging recovery.

NOTE: You will never be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.

Thank you for providing our office and our patients with this courtesy.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this Cancellation Policy

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